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Municipalities all over the world as well as private waste management businesses and industrial companies are successfully using our large waste bins with wheels. Quality, strength and long service life are their most renowned features – even under challenging climatic conditions. And it is good news to learn that you can buy cheap price green waste bins in Nigeria from Alfim.

Most homes and municipalities in Nigeria are currently using our garden garbage waste removal dustbin. It is even more assuring to know that our dustbins are largely found in Market places, Motor Parks, Airports, Office complexes, Hospitals, Industrial complexes, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Housing estates in Nigeria, etc.

Alfim offers dustbins with a volume of 60, 80, 120, 140, 180, 240, 360 and 1,100 litres. On request, we will brand large waste disposal trash can with wheels using your logo or the coat of arms of your city. Additional accessories such as locks (for lockable bins), noise reduction, foot-operated lid opener and spare parts are also available when you buy our plastic waste disposal recycle bin.

• Buy cheap price green waste collection dust bin.
• Manufacturer complies to EN 840 standard.
• To be emptied by tipping over a toothed rim.
• Manufacturer use new virgin material only.
• Resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals.
• Smooth-running casters with solid tyres.
• Galvanised solid steel wheel axle.
• The flip up cover keeps water out and foul odours in.
• Available in various colours such as green, blue, black or red.

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