Warehouse Racks


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Any business that needs storage space, has to optimize that space with warehouse racking. Storage pallet racking is the primary storage component of many warehouses. ALFIM offers storage rack that will optimize your space very efficiently. Our pallet warehouse racking systems are designed according to specifications which take into account the weights and sizes of the incoming loads into the warehouse pallet rack. A well designed warehouse racking is a storage rack which is dynamic and reduces the overall cost of handling products within your organisation by providing easy access to every pallet within the warehouse rack. Using technologies such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) for warehouse pallet rack, we develop accurate floor plans and drawings that can easily adapt to customized requirements and complex specifications of your warehouse rack. The warehouse pallet racking system is simply made up of uprights and beams.

Warehouse racking come in various sizes, configurations and capacities to accomplish storage needs efficiently.

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