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Supermarket equipment consists of furniture and accessories required to operate a supermarket. They include but not limited to supermarket shelves, shopping trolleys, hand basket and more. ALFIM supermarket equipment are among the top quality brands available in Nigeria. We are partners to reputable local and  international manufacturers of supermarket equipment.

They are built with special focus on durability, reliability, ruggedness and functionality. Client satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Whether you are looking for just the peg board hooks or the giant 8ft wall shelves, Alfim has them all at pocket friendly prices.

We are the most popular and trusted brand for durability and functionality.

Among the vast inventory, are the single-sided display shelves, double-sided display shelves, metal shopping trolleys of various sizes: 60 litres, 120 litres, 210 litres, and the mammoth 240 litres. Also available are the plastic basket with wheels and the hand-held baskets.

We let you make your choice of your preference, by stocking varous brands made by reputable manufacturers, just to give the best shopping experience.

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